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Meet the team


Tze Woei


Israel Kocharian

Tze Woei is was a Licentiate Master Photographer with the Masters Photographers Association UK.
He is an award winning photographer who has obtained distinctions from renowned MPA and WPPI competitions.
His style is fine art with an emphasis on both grandeur and emotions. 
When he is not shooting weddings, he does private workshops for aspiring photographers 

Of Armenian origin, Kocharian I. grew up in Switzerland, in the Lausanne region.
followed his first wedding report in 2015 and since then, his passion has never ceased to grow, thanks to his creativity,
his desire to make each wedding photo unique, and the magic he captures of these exceptional days. Eager to improve and innovate, he went to different countries to share his knowledge with renowned wedding photographers.

About Us 

Some ideas come to life in a beautiful way. We began photography separately, but our passion brought us together.


 A wedding photography team from Lausanne, Switzerland, came together to put our skills and enthusiasm to perfect use and thus 'Amoris Photography' was born. Amoris in Latin means love. Our whole venture is based on this particular word. Love is the essence of human nature. We love to shoot. We love to capture the beautiful stories that are created in each wedding that takes place. More than ten years of experience has had our eyes skilled to see, and our hands trained to make every single picture a treasure box of memories. 


We have not been static; we have travelled to about 20 countries witnessing the beautiful knot of marriage and making it eternal through our cameras. We bring to your wedding photoshoot innovation and preserve the Purity.


We know it is always about the moments, and we have the eye to catch the beautiful moments. Preserving forever the overwhelming and beautifully emotional wedding day so that you can relive the moments again and again.


Here at Amoris Photography, we believe that when you love your job, you build the most beautiful creations. And we love our job, passionately and wholly. 

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