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Amoris Wedding day photography package

Every couple is unique and we understands the differences in photography style, taste and preferences of our clients.

This is the reason why they have come up with special and unique wedding photography packages that are guaranteed to suit all couples


Destination prewedding photography package

Want to have your prewedding photos taken at the world’s most romantic city?

Is the picturesque Kyoto your ultimate dream for your prewedding experience?

How about Venice or Li Jiang?

No matter where you want to have your prewedding photography taken, we can capture all the special memories that you have with your partner.

You can choose from the different destinations for this year 2016, including Paris, Venice, Li Jiang, Kyoto, Prague, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Beijing and many more. Our destination prewedding photography packages are afford in the most affordable prices so you can look forward to only the best and one of a kind experience overseas.


The main Course for Prewedding photography

We offers a prewedding photography package that includes a 2 day photoshoot led by an our photographer. The company’s special package will entitle you to 4R-sized resolution JPEGs that are made even better with basic edits. The package will exclude the return airfare and accommodation of the photographer as well as the hair and makeup , gowns and transport.

Every photo shoot is guaranteed special as this will be an exclusive day out between the prewedding photography crew and the couple. Each shot is going to be executed with such finesse and professionalism to ensure that couples that their prewedding photos will be like no other.


Prewedding photography in Switzerland

If you prefer to have your prewedding shoot taken in Switzerland, We offers a special package that lasts for 6 hours with the acclaimed photographer. And again, this will be nothing ordinary as every scene and every moment will be given with an entirely different appeal and feel, thanks to the expertise of your photographer. We will also ensure that the love that you and your share for one another will be evident in every photo taken.


Actual wedding day photography

A professional photographer will be assigned to get a full coverage of 10 hours photo shoot during your wedding and you get to keep all the soft copies with some minor edit.

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If you are after more exotic places which we did not list down above, we would like to hear from you.

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